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Travel and Transport around Zanzibar or Tanzania may be problematic sometimes, with different types of transports systems, Alpha Tours will make this easy by helping you planning your trip with less tensions. Depending on your traveling styles, we will either fly you, sail or arrange a road trip to any destination within Zanzibar, Tanzania mainland  or international destinations. Alpha tours can also arrange car rental for self drive or hire a car with a driver.

If you are thinking of traveling to/from Tanzania, you are at the right place, Alpha Tours will be delighted to help you making your traveling arrangements. Please click here to start plan.



  • – Fly from Zanzibar to Nairobi Kenya

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Dubai

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Oman                                              In the plain

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Uganda

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Middle East

    – Fly from Zanzibar to UK

    – Fly from Zanzibar to USA

    – Fly from Zanzibar to W. Europe

    – Fly from Zanzibar to E. Europe

    – Fly from Zanzibar to America

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Asia

  • – Fly from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaamimages

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Mwanza

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Arusha

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Mbeya

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Selous

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Serengeti

    – Fly from Zanzibar to Pemba

  • -Drive to Fuoni

    -Drive to Aman StadiumStone town

    -Drive to Bububu

    -Drive to Jang’ombe

    -Drive to Magomeni

    -Drive to Airport

    -Drive to Michenzani

    -Drive to Chukwani

    -Drive to Mwanakwerekwe

    -Drive to Mwera

  • -Drive to Matemwe

    -Drive to Mangapwani & Bumbwini

    -Drive to KizimbaniZanzibar Map

    -Drive to Nungwi

    -Drive to Ndagaa

    -Drive to Chwaka

    -Drive to Fumba

    -Drive to Paje

    -Drive to Jambiani

    -Drive to Fumba

    -Drive to Bwejuu

    -Drive to Manga pwani

    -Drive to Kiwengwa

    -Drive to Kizimkazi

    -Drive to Makunduchi