Stone Town Tour

stone-town-squareStone town tour, is conducted in a town of many interesting stories with many wonders. it was built over 200 years ago and still maintain its beauty and stunning arrangement of narrow streets. This tour is normally a walking tour, our guide will take you around through narrow streets, while you are walking, you will see and hear many interesting stories about Zanzibar History and legends, colonial legacy from both Arabs and Western imperialists.

The trip will start from your Hotel and go to different places like fruits market, Former Slave Market (Christ Church Cathedral) built by Bishop Steers in 1873, Bet-el Jahib (House of Wonder), Zanzibar National Museum, Old Fort, our guide will also take you to Dr. Livingstone House. After the quite long walk, our guide will take you a place for lunch before you can proceed to Maruhub to see the Sultan’s Palace which is now a Ruin. While you are walking with our guide, you will see Zanzibar doors, handcrafts, and local shops among others.

After that, during the night our guide will come to pick you at the Hotel and take you to the food market, this is a wide open space where many people hang-out and eat sea foods and other local dishes, after that he will take you back to your Hotel until next day.