Spice Tour

spice tourSpice Tour, Zanzibar has been blessed with a good climate which allows flourishing of many spices some of which are only found in Zanzibar. Zanzibar has a nick name which is spice Island; one can definitely agree with this nick name because of variety of spices from different species that are found in Zanzibar. Some of the famous spices are including cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon, different varieties of pepper, turmeric, safrons, tandoori and masala.  You will also be able to see different ornamental flowers, herbs, fruits, birds and butterflies among others fauna and flora.

You will be taken around a spice farm with a guide who will take you from plantation to plantation while showing you different varieties of spices while pilling some of them from trees or dig the roots of some of them from the ground, you will taste some of the fresh spice and fruits and feel the flavor for yourself, what an experience this is that someone ought not misses. You will also get a chance of being decorated by coconut leaves made by young boys in the farm as a present and ladies will have Zanzibar lipsticks painted on their mouths.

Most of Zanzibar famous spice farms in Zanzibar are found at kidich and kizimbani. These places are 30-40 minutes from Zanzibar Stone Town. Our drivers will take you to one of these places and we will be happy to spice your holiday.