Safari Blue

safari-blue-squareSafari Blue is a fully day tour with our guide, one of the best place in Zanzibar for Safari Blue is Fumba Village, South-West of Zanzibar Island. In this tour, you will see the dolphins, sandbanks and other small islands, and Menai Bay which is a Conservation area.

The trip will begin in the morning when you will have a chance to walk and relax on a sandbank made up by white and soft sand. While you are there, you will do snorkeling and swimming, our guide will provide you with snorkeling equipments for both experienced and beginners, You will have ample time to relax, swim, snorkeling and enjoy your day. Here you will have break-fast with us before we take you to Kwale Island.

After spend half day at sandbank, we will carry you in a beautiful Zanzibar dhow to Kwale Island where you will see lagoons made up of coral rocks which have clean swimming pool-like water and surrounded by mangrove forest; you will have a delicious lunch, snacks, and soft drinks like soda, water and juice, for those who would prefer hard drinks, we got for you beer and other hard drinks.

Before the day ends, we will take you to Menai Bay to see the indo-pacific humpback and bottle-nose dolphins and you will also see the sandbank from there.