Prison Island Tour

prison-island-squarePrison island in Zanzibar is surrounded by many small islands which are found every corner of Zanzibar, one of the most famous islands is Prison Island which is in a panoramic view from Stone Town. The island is said to be a place where hard and disturbing slaves were kept.

This tour is a half day tour, it starts from stone town, you will use a boat to sail with our guide to the prison island, the trip normally takes 40 to 45minutes across the ocean, you will be given lifejackets incase of emergence. These boats can take up to 10 people at once. While you are there, you will see giant tortoise, beautiful peacocks, prisoner rooms and so much more. Some of these tortoises reach up to 130 years old, you will have a chance to take photo with them and feed them vegetable. The island is surrounded by white sand beach with swimming pool like – ocean water; you will swim if you like until you have it to the maximum.