Jozani Forest Tour

jozani-squareJozani forest is set to be a reserve area because it is the only natural forest remaining in the Island. It lies almost 35km (about 45 minutes drive) from Zanzibar Stone Town; it is located in Zanzibar South-east Region. The forest has about 100 trees species with almost over 40 different species communities, it covers 2,512 hectors (6,207 acres) of land including a gazette area which covered by water grounds, coral forest and salt marsh areas. Jozani forest is also partly made up by mangrove forest which makes a great ecosystem with different biodiversity spices and marine species. There also colubus monkey, velvet cats and other species which are only found in Zanzibar.

Together with our guide, you will be able to walk around the forest while listening to special guides who will explain about Jozani and its creatures. Along your walk with our guides, you will be able to see different small and big trees, shrubs, bushes, coral rocks, butterflies and birds, the guide will explain from how these species are surviving the nature and their ecosystem as they interact to each other.

The guides will also take you to see colubus monkey, you will be allowed to take photos to them but you won’t be allowed to feed them.  Our guides will also take you to mangrove forest through a wooden bridge where you will see different species of mangrove and prawns. The tour at Jozani is normally two – three hours.