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  2. Dear Alpha Tours,

    Hope this email finds you well.

    I stumbled across your website while researching things to do in Zanzibar as I have a planned holiday in March to the beautiful Island. I am very interested in Snorkeling at Stone town as it is an activity that comes highly recommended and would like to inquire if your organization offers such beach activities.

    Also, I am hoping that Alpha Tours can be of assistance with regards processing of visas as well. I was informed by the immigration office that only a Tour operator company can request for my visa to be fast tracked. I am applying from Nigeria and recently emailed the immigration office (info@immigration.go.tz) to inquire about my visa which I applied for since the 15th of January only to be told that Nigerian nationals fall under referral visa category, whose process takes longer time than ordinary. Applicants of such category are advised to apply their visa at least 2 months before the date of travel. Unfortunately, I have made my travel arrangements for the 28th of February.

    When I explained this, they said I could ask a registered Tour Operator Company to submit a request to the Office of Commissioner General of Immigration at the Immigration Headquarters, asking for my clearance on urgent basis. The request should be submitted as a covering letter detailing the purpose and duration of your visit.

    I would to find out if your organization can be of any assistance.

    Thank you very much.

    Warmest Regards,
    Bunmi Obanawu

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