Community and Volunters

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Community and Volunteers is part and parcel of Alpha tours, as a unique tour operators, Alpha tours is design to serve our esteem customers in a very different ways as possible and take you to places where you or any other operators can’t imagine – we take you deep to the roots of our community and allow you to experience the real life of local Zanzibar people most of whom are living below poverty line, this will enable you to have stories to tell back at home which others cannot tell and make you learn and experience different cultures, traditions and lives of people emerged from Arab-Swahili culture, and this is why we call ourselves different — by so doing, we design an exclusive package which is free of charge,  all you need to pay for  is transport to/from your hotel.


Community and Volunteers allows you to experience local commuinty in deep, you like to volunteer while you are here in Zanzibar and leave your legacy? Well, Alpha tours and Safaris would be happy to assist you achieving this endeavor – there are many things that one could involve in to make a different to lives of many marginalised and poor families, it doesn’t matter what field you are working with, what matters is your willing to support these people.

Who can apply? 

Anyone who is 18 years and above is eligible to apply for volunteering or internship in any of the project he/she prefer to get involved in. Applications are available all through the years, the number is unlimited, and this could be to both female and male applicants from across the world. All applicants must be physical fit, for those with health issues, may want to inform us in advance so special attention can be taken; applicants are advices to check their health before traveling.


Some of the main activities someone may get involved in are as listed below (you can choose up to two activities):-

  1. Teaching in any nursery and primary school
  2. Medical and health attendant (for Medicine Students)
  3. Community involvement i.e.
  4. Construction processes
  5. Office internship
  6. HIV/AIDS key Population
  7. Drugs rehabilitation Centers
  8. Hospitality i.e. Hotel and Restaurant
  9. Others

How to apply

For those who wish to apply for any of the mentioned activities above, should fill the Volunteer Application Form.