Let’s Explore Together !

If you pay attention you will realize that the world is such a wonderful place. The nature provides a sense of beauty and fulfillment and this is where tourism come in place. East Africa is one of rich areas with such a quite wonders and its diversity is remarkable. Zanzibar, for years it has been a dream place for many – and no matter how many times you visit these special area – you will never get tired of it.

Understanding this, we have designed this website to provide updated information of services that our Alpha Tours offers so that we can be able to reach as many customers across the world. In addition, the website also seeks to convey a broader view of the role our company plays in promoting and developing tourism industry in the region.

Our primary aim is to serve our esteem customers in a most luxurious, efficient, friendly and affordable manner that they may not be able to get from elsewhere in the region, one of the most important focuses of Alpha tour is customer’s satisfactions, to us hospitality is our culture and priority. The website has been designed in a user-friendly style in order to ensure quick access of information which will answer many of our customer’s questions and desires. Truly, there is so much to explore, and please lets share your experience and ideas that we can make your experience even better.